Founded in April 2018, Mylene created FEM in STEM in reaction to her first-year experience. 

Mylene began her post-secondary journey in 2017, pursuing Chemical Engineering at the University of Waterloo. After cutting out all extra-curricular activities and facing challenges and failures in her first term, she decided to turn things around for the better and re-involve herself.

In 2018, she began her first co-op term in Toronto. She attended over 15 networking events in the first 4 months and left each one feeling inspired. Her new-found interests established through attending various conferences, ideathons, and hackathons, resulted in a career-path shift into Management Engineering. Mylene wishes to share this feeling with other young females with the intent of bridging the gender gap in STEM careers by opening doors for girls to explore new interests. 


Having grown up in a small city in Ontario, she recognized the gaps in the visibility of opportunities. She hopes that FEM in STEM will proactively diffuse exposure to these opportunities across Ontario as well as connect high school females to establish a network of support earlier on. 

From advice and questions to opportunities and other inquiries, feel free to reach out to Mylene.

Pursuing a Bachelor of Applied Science in Management Engineering

with a minor in Entrepreneurship at the University of Waterloo

Varsity Track Athlete for the Waterloo Warriors

COO, Chief Operating Officer, at Crossbow Miles Canada

RFM Technical Co-op Student at Metrolinx

Waterloo Connector

League of Innovators

Public Speaker

Plan International Speakers Bureau

Mylene is a keen-believer in staying intrinsically motivated. She enjoys combining a problem-solving mentality with design thinking in an intermingling of industries and interests. 

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