Summer Orientation Programs

Highschool Outreach Program

Brock offers 3 summer programs for any faculty: Smart Start, Leap, and Basecamp. These orientation programs were created to help you make connections and get a feel for the community at Brock.

Science Mentorship Program

High school Outreach Program

Introduced in 1994, the program is designed for students who are highly interested in science, demonstrate significant scientific curiosity and are capable of working independently. This program offers the opportunity to pursue real-life scientific investigations under the supervision of a faculty or staff member in a university laboratory environment. Students are paired with mentors who are conducting research in subject areas of interest to the student.

Scientifically Yours

High school Outreach Program

A two-day residential workshop designed to encourage young people in Grades 10 and 11 to continue their studies in the sciences and to pursue careers in science-related fields. Students learn about career opportunities from professionals who have careers in the sciences, including medicine, university research and industry. Everyone participates in six science and mathematics projects, gaining hands-on lab experience.

(Closed for 2018 but will run again in 2019)

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Brock University Geology Club

University Student Club: Science

Established in 1967, this is the oldest undergraduate club on campus. The Club enjoys a diverse membership of students from all levels who participate in academic pursuits and social activities designed to expand geological horizons and interaction between students and faculty. Membership is not limited to Earth Science or Environmental Geoscience majors – “rock hounds” from other disciplines are encouraged to join. Students in the Earth Science discipline are highly encouraged to attend meetings that will pave the way for job opportunities, networking and summer jobs while providing an engaging, exciting time.

For more information, contact:

Brock Biological Society

University Student Club: Science

The purpose of the Brock Biological Society is to enrich the learning experience of students in biology and related fields.

For more information, contact:

Brock Neuroscience Society

University Student Club: Science

A group where students can engage in educational talks or presentations given by professors or graduate students on Neuroscience or field related topics. In this club, we educate our members on future research and career opportunities and provide guidance to new students entering the program and/or related studies. The club also helps to build connections and relationships with students and faculty in their program, making it a great resource for education-related inquiries along with making new friends with similar interests.

For more information, contact:

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Molecular Research Technology Club

University Student Club: Science & Technology

The club’s two main goals are 1) to promote scientific research interest to potential research oriented undergraduate degrees. Primarily, but not limited to Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Biomedical Science, Chemistry and Physics majors and 2) to develop a network among Biotechnology laboratories and companies, primarily, but not limited to the Niagara Region.

For more information, please email:

Game Research & Development Club

University Student Club: Technology

This club researches and explores different techniques in game development ranging from physical products (board games, verbal games, card games) to virtual reality games (video games). They encourage all kinds of verbal discussion and sharing of ideas related to game design and seek to expand on those. They seek to and potentially create a physical product from discussions and experimentation by the end of the school year.

For more information:

Brock Computer Science Club

University Student Club: Technology

Aiming to foster a community for individuals at Brock University interested in Computer Science. This club hosts several social and educational events such as resume workshops, technical workshops, game nights, and more! They also offer mentorship and guidance to those who reach out. 

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