Intermediate Engineering and Design studio

Highschool Outreach Program

The goal of this program is to teach youth product development, product design and release processes. They will also get an opportunity to develop a product with the given software and hardware. (For students in grades 7-12)


Highschool Outreach Program

This summer is amazing for learning concepts of engineering and technology. This program entails robotics and programming, mechanics and structures, animation and graphics. [Note: In the second week of camp these students teach younger campers to gain 40 hours of volunteer work.

Years: grade 9 -11] 

Go Code Girl

Highschool Outreach Program

Girls from various age groups learn about coding and software development. In addition they discover opportunities in computing and engineering fields.

Go Eng Girl

Highschool Outreach Program

A great opportunity for female student to learn more about the engineering field. This is also a great chance to meet current Carleton engineering students.

Girl Guide Engineering Badge Day

Highschool Outreach Program

An amazing way to learn about the world of engineering. This is a great opportunity to interact with other female engineering students, faculty members, tour engineering labs. For more information e-mail:

Let's Talk Science

Highschool Outreach Program

Connects educators with students to meaning experiences in the STEM fields. Creates programs to engage children, youth and educators in the gaining meaningful STEM experiences.

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Pre-med Society

University Student Club: Science

The society’s goal is to help members and providing insight on medical school application process, the MCAT. They host information sessions with guest speakers such as medical students.

Science Student Society

University Student Club: Science

Every students currently enrolled in the B.Sc, B.Math or B.Comp Sci become  automatic members. This gives students opportunities to be part of various science based clubs around campus eg. Carleton Chemistry and Biochemistry Society, Carleton Food Science Society, etc.

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The Carleton University Women in Science and Engineering (CU-WISE)

University Student Club: Science & Engineering

Group of graduate and undergraduate students who encourage and support females in pursuing a career in engineering and science.

Engineering Society

University Student Club: Engineering

Undergraduate students enrolled in the engineering programs become automatic members. This society provides students with professional, social and academic opportunities. Offers many volunteer positions to students and encourages students to get involved.

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