Introducing Canada's first personal and professional growth accelerator for young women in STEM. Created for high school and undergraduate women interested in STEM fields, a handful are selected across Ontario to participate. 

Successful applicants will receive virtual training on modules for self-growth and professional development (e.x. building confidence, resume and interview advice, etc.), as well as access to a hub of mentors. The program also entails experiential learning where girls are challenged to create change in their own communities! 

Mandate/Mission: Shorten the path to success in STEM through inducing a growth mindset, creating accessible opportunities, and building a strong network


Project One is a unique mentorship program that connects applicants with young innovators, entrepreneurs, and changemakers. 

This program was created for young individuals who have an idea and need advice on how to grow/scale them. Mentors are matched with mentees to share valuable experience and advice. 

Mandate/Mission: To inspire young individuals to pursue and push forward ideas they may have through connecting with other youth who have made an impact in their community. 

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