Science Engagement Programs

Highschool Outreach Program

Science Engagement Programs offers innovative and engaging programs designed to inspire youth and discover exciting topics in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).  Out of the Faculty of Science at York University, their programs use a discovery and inquiry-based learning approach that is focused on ‘learning by doing’. Their outreach model provides students with a chance to work in small groups on a variety of projects that will help foster problem solving, critical thinking, and an overall passion for STEM.

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Let's Talk Science

Highschool Outreach Program

Let’s Talk Science stretches from coast-to-coast, reaching children, youth and educators in every province and territory through our wide range of science education programs and services. Their approach to science education engages children and youth — from the very early years through high school — with fun, exciting hands-on/minds-on activities that improve their understanding of physical and life science, mathematics and technology.

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Women in Science and Engineering

University Student Club: Science & Engineering

WISE aims to promote women in STEM fields and provide a platform for female students at Lassonde School of Engineering to succeed in their academics and future endeavors.

Science and Technology Student's Association

University Student Club: Science & Technology

This is an association for students in science and technology. For more info contact

Cognitive Science Students Association

University Student Club: Science

The purpose of the Cognitive Science Students’ Association of York University is to unite all students with an interest in Cognitive Science and to provide a forum for which to exercise this interest. We are a multi-faceted community where we, as an association, put forth opportunities, facilitate discussions and instigate curiosity about the mind and its many faculties in hopes to ultimately play our part in allowing the field of Cognitive Science to flourish.

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Computing Students Hub

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This club represents computing students and their needs, more specifically students in the following programs: Computer Science, Computer Security, Digital Media, Computer Engineering and Software Engineering. By joining this club you will connect with others, learn valuable skills through workshops and tech-talks, and create a more vibrant and engaged community overall. 

Information Technology Student Association (ITSA)

University Student Club: Technology

The Information Technology Student Association is a non-profit student-run organization that caters to York University students in the Information Technology and Business disciplines. We aim to create academic, social, and professional-related experiences for our student body through various events during the year. Our students graduate with a hybrid mix of technology and business knowledge - a mix that is valuable to every organization today.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Club

University Student Club: Technology

This club introduces and provides news on new Start-up in Blockchain Technology. It also provides technical knowledge and assistance to students seeking help in this field through holding events and workshops. By joining this club you will enhance your skills in programming, design, networking, and more. You will also hear from guest-speakers from major Hi-Tech companies and participate in various competitions to test your knowledge.

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