we are a community

FEM in STEM is a community of individuals with a passion for change. Due to our focus on providing equal opportunity and building a community- we function as a hub of resources and an outlet for opportunities.


We build personal connections and a heightened sense of engagement with females interested in STEM industries. Although we centralize on young females, our supporters are of all genders, races, and religions. 

We asked individuals across Ontario within our community why exposure to opportunity is so important. Here's what some of them had to say:


"...Everyone deserves to have the same opportunities. With these opportunities we can create new innovations and ideas. This can only happen if we work together especially with both genders because when different ideas are combined together it can create a masterpiece!" -Jade Chan 


"...Certain genders are often discouraged from pursuing a STEM career path solely based on gender. Providing equal opportunity is important because it encourages all gender groups to feel equally capable." -Anika Marzia 

"Anyone can come up with the next big thing. The only obstacle is the ability to voice that idea and scale it...With barriers that affect equality; society loses the priceless innovation of all kinds of people." -Benjamin Johns

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